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Since time immemorial, man has been meditating about the root cause of various ailments and devising ways and means to cure them. In the primitive era of human civilization, the research and development work in the field of medicine was pretty sluggish due to absence of surgical instruments and paucity of available resources. With the advent of time, new avenues in the medicinal sciences were explored and the pace of work got accelerated. The countries who contributed much to the promotion and development of Unani/Herbal medicines are Greece, Egypt, Rome, China, Iran and the ancient India. Modern Unani medicines are the fruit of the united efforts made by the ancient Greco-Arab researchers.

Unani System of treatment with indigenous herbal medicine was evolved as a system in the period of Hippocrates (Buqrat 460-377 BC) who was a renowned Greek physician and a scholar of high repute. It's because that Hippocrates is widely acclaimed as the Father of ancient Unani System of medicine. Gradually, this knowledge of herbal medicine further developed and turned into a medical science with the relentless efforts of personalities like Aristotle (Arastu), Galen (Jalinus), Ibn Betar (Ibn Baitar) and later by their successors Zakarya Razes (850-925AD) and Avicenna (980-1037 AD).

They all together, made incredible achievements in this domain and took this knowledge to a sound pedestal. Since all this research work was carried out on human-friendly or rather humanitarian basis, these scholarly people transformed all their knowledge and wisdom into the form of book providing a solid ground / foundation to the coming generations. This was aimed at ridding the mankind from sufferings of the diseases.

JANAB HAKIM BIN HUSSAIN The founder of Ashrafi Dawakhana:
Hakim Bin Hussain Passed out in 1944 from Tibbia College Allahabad located in the province of U.P., India. He started his practice as registered practitioner in 1946 and laid the foundation of Ashrafi Dawakhana. God has gifted him with the complete knowledge of both biology the knowledge of the human body and theology the knowledge of the religion.

He has authored more than 100 books on both the aspects related to body and the soul. Thousands of people have so far benefited either directly or from his books. After partition, where many others related to various walks of life opted to migrate, he also moved to Pakistan and established Ashrafi Dawakhana in 1963 at Nazimabad, Karachi getting it duly registered by Board of Unani and Ayurvedic Systems of Medicine. In 1980, Ashrafi Dawakhana was shifted to Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-2 and soon transformed into Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories where preparation of Unani/Herbal medicine, natural products and packing was initiated in addition to research and development work.

ASHRAFI HERBAL LABORATORIES An Institution engaged in preparation of medicine through natural herbs:
The efficacy of medicines depends largely on the quality of its ingredients and the proportionally right weight. At Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories, meticulous care is exercised in determining the right ingredients, accurate quantity and proper weight. Picking herbs from various parts of the country in extreme hot and cold weather is a hard and painstaking job. What's more, selecting the required herbs from thousands of wild weeds, mushrooms and other natural vegetation is a job that can only be handled by and expert botanist. Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories enjoy the exclusive honour of hiring the very best botanist right from the very beginning, who after going through rigorous tests pick the right herbs whereupon the process of preparing medicines takes place.

It's because that Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories command a unique status in preparation of Unani/Herbal medicines. Ashrafi's various products especially, Roghan Muqawi-e-Dimagh, Ashrafi Oil (pain killer), Majoon-e-Ashrafi and Ashrafi Chooran are extremely popular among people for now almost half a century without any promotional campaign.

During the year 2003, a separate Food Division was formed in Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories through which the farming, processing and packing of dates was initiated. In this way, separate sections of natural food products were formed in Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories. Which were responsible for processing and packing of natural products hygienically and supply in the market. Out of the natural products packed in the laboratory are dry fruits comprising Almond, Pistachio, Walnut, Resin, Apricot and Date in addition to fruit pulp and Honey while the process relating to herbal products includes cropping of natural herbs, extraction, preparation of medicines and marketing, etc.

Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories are associated with Tibb for now almost 63 years and reckoned amongst the most reputable and reliable institutions in the country.

Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories, besides preparing medicines, have also introduced different varieties of 100% pure and natural honey and its other products fetched from lush green mountains, profound valleys and thick forest of Pakistan, packed hygienically according to international standard. It's for the first time in Pakistan that honey is being marketed in attractive PET bottles with sports cap. Ashrafi's honey and honey-made other products are extremely popular both at home and the overseas market.

Date is an important crop of Sindh and Balochistan. Although, it became an exportable commodity late after the inception of Pakistan, the way it was packed and marketed was extremely deplorable due to which thousands of tons of dates were spoiled resulting in considerable loss of foreign exchange. It was Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories' Food Division which by adopting modern farming and processing system, introduced dates in different beautiful gift packs of international standard, both in Pakistan and other countries of the world. What's more, in order to benefit people from its advantages, other delicious products of dates were also introduced in the market.

Pakistan enjoys a special place in production of dry fruit. Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories created a separate section for collection and packing of dry fruit wherein selected quality of dry fruit like almond, apricot, pistachio, resin, etc obtained from plains and mountainous regions were marketed duly packed according to the international standard.

In addition to dry fruit, quality rice and refined pulses are also packed and marketed from Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories in packets of different sizes.

HERBS SECTION: Pakistan is a precious gift of God to its people. It's blessed with barren desert, lush green plains, deep valleys, snow-clad mountains, meandering rivers and regions witnessing extreme weather conditions. Due to diverse climatic and soil conditions, the region is a natural habitat for a wide variety of fruits, flowers, rare herbs and other invaluable foliage.

Keeping in view the efficacy and therapeutic properties of various herbs grown in Pakistan, the botanists at Ashrafi Herbal Laboratories suggested to establish a separate section specifically for herbs. The same is now engaged day in and day out in studying the healing properties of various herbal compounds.

To protect and cure the mankind from various ailments and health disorders. To promote medicines prepared from selected natural herbs. To introduce Herbal/Unani System of Medicines on mass scale as a treatment and cure for various diseases which is economical, well tested and free from side-effects.

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